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Our love for video production began on the factory floor. When we first started making films, our big goal was to help innovative Detroit-area companies set themselves apart from the crowd.

But after a few years, we realized our films looked a bit too familiar. We couldn’t tell the difference between our work & the film shop down the road. Sure, we made good films. But when you’re trying to highlight innovation, “good” simply is not good enough.

So we challenged ourselves to innovate our own process. If we were going to help innovative companies stand out in a sea of competitors, We needed to stand out ourselves. And that’s where our story really takes off.

We studied the science of compelling stories. Stories that result in action. We knew the fastest, most effective way to set our films apart wasn’t to buy fancy new gear, but to harness the time-tested power of great storytelling – so we invested years of time to learn how to do just that.

And we learned to speak straight to the heart of our viewers. As soon as we started putting the story first, we discovered that audiences became emotionally invested in the outcome of our films – and that changed everything.

Story showed us the way to finally stand out. It’s not enough to throw technical stats & pretty pictures against a screen all day. The real differentiation lies in the story, every time.