Case study video for Microsoft Teams Rooms

We partnered with Apex Digital Solutions to create a case study video about AM General’s Microsoft Teams Rooms integration and use cases. We often call case study videos impact stories because they demonstrate how a product or service impacts the customer.

Apex Digital Solutions is a professional and managed services provider enabling business transformation for customers to be more secure, productive, and engaged. A top Microsoft cloud partner, Apex was founded in 1999 with a purpose to “Empower people to make a positive difference in the lives of others.” Headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, the company specializes in productivity, device management, and security cloud services. For more information about Apex Digital Solutions visit:

In the early days of the pandemic with the shift to employees working remotely, most companies had to evaluate their employee communication strategy. In many cases, companies already had digital transformation strategies in place and underway, but the pandemic accelerated their implementation.

This case study video describes the challenges their organization faced at the beginning of the pandemic, how they partnered with Apex Digital Solutions, and how the use of Microsoft Teams and later Teams Rooms enabled them to find a balance between safety in the workplace and working remotely. Initially, the technology was used for simple remote communication, but as it was adopted by the workforce they found new use cases that helped their organization to operate more efficiently.

You can learn more about case study videos here.

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