Jonas Chorum Motion Graphics Animation

Identity PR contacted us to assist in creating this motion graphics animation for their client, Jonas Chorum. The goal was to highlight the benefits of using the new software and they really liked the approach of an animated video. In many of our productions, we lead the pre-production, but when we collaborate with agencies we find a balance of offering creative input along with executing their creative vision.

We love collaborating with our creative partners. For this promotional video, Identity PR and the client created the script and initial art. From there, our team produced the voiceover, stylized the art, and created storyboards.

Once the client signed off on the storyboards and selected the voiceover talent we started on the motion graphics animation. For this promotional video, stylized animation was an excellent choice by the client because it didn’t lock them into the look and feel of the software’s user interface. The animation was able to focus on overall functionality and customer benefits without dating itself.

This stylized approach is something we recommend clients consider with creating promotional videos for software or apps because it gives your video more shelf-life.

Client: Jonas Chorum Producer: Jamie Honce and Andrea Conrad from Identity PR Art design: Identity PR and Evan West from Branding Freedom Motion graphics designer: Sarah Graziosi

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