Social Media Video Campaign

College Park Industries is an innovative prosthetic company dedicated to helping amputees restore maximum function. Over the last few years we’ve partnered with them on various projects and we were really excited when they approached us to produce the social media video campaign for the new Espire Elbow. The goal was to create a series of videos over the course of the year leading up to the official product launch.

Once we got the green light we immediately jumped into full story mode. We started pre-interviews with key stakeholders at College Park and Altair to learn their unique viewpoints.

Each person views the project through a different lens and by gathering all the different points of view we can more clearly establish the purpose and define our intended audience. In the context of the full social media video campaign, the intended audience for each story was different!

Three-part social media video series

Part 1: Industrial Design

Part 2: Engineering

Part 3: Patient Success

Social media video story development

We learned that College Park already had an elbow, but technology hadn’t advanced for decades. So they had to make a decision. Do they update the old elbow or start new? After a lot of discussions, the engineering team decided they had to start new, but this brought a whole new set of challenges. For example, exploring demographics, product design, motor selection, and battery requirements.

In addition to engaging the viewer, each episode of the social media video campaign needs to set-up the subsequent video. To accomplish this we revealed a sense of uncertainty going from stage to stage.

We use this uncertainty to pull the viewer in so they can share in the unknown. Will the elbow work as they want it to? Will the motor and battery support the user demands? How will beta testing go?

Check out the other videos we produced for College Park

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