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We are a commercial video production company based in Rochester Hills, MI.

Video services include

Production crews
4K camera kits
Lighting equipment
Audio equipment
Video editing
Audio editing
Motion graphics / 2D animation
Voiceover recording

Since 2005, we’ve partnered with businesses and organizations across metro Detroit to produce corporate videos, customer testimonials, marketing videos, brand stories, and social media videos that make your audience think, feel, and, most importantly, act.

Based in Rochester Hills, MI, just north of Detroit, we are a freelance video production company that works with marketing departments, agencies, and businesses of all sizes to make their visions a reality.

We believe storytelling has the power to connect with your customers regardless of the product or service you sell.

Think of us as your in-house video production crew!

Hire us for your next project.

What We Do

Video interviews

Interview videography

Great lighting and audio are essential for interviews, but it’s more about the people than the equipment. Interviews are the foundation of story-based videos, and we do them right! To capture great interviews, we focus on creating an environment where it’s a conversation, not a performance.

We video all kinds of interviews ranging from a sit-down conversation, talking head videos, client testimonials, and even green screen interviews with a teleprompter.


Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer testimonial videos leverage the power of social proof better than any other media. They provide a personalized perspective on why customers choose your product or service over competitors and highlight the benefits they gain. Unlike traditional marketing, these videos let satisfied customers speak for you, building trust and credibility with your audience.

We specialize in producing impactful testimonial videos that resonate. We understand that authenticity is key, so we never use scripts. Instead, we conduct thoughtful interviews that allow your customers to share their genuine experiences naturally. By focusing on storytelling, we craft narratives that engage viewers from start to finish.

customer testimonial videos

Video editing and collaboration

“That’s a wrap.” Now, it’s time for the video editors to get to work. Our team of editors meticulously reviews all the footage, interviews, and b-roll to bring the story to life.

Collaboration is critical during post-production, so our editors will work with your marketing team to ensure the final video meets your expectations. This can mean working from paper edits provided by your producer or scheduling live edit sessions over Zoom. We also utilize services like Dropbox and Vimeo that allow video review with commenting so everyone is aware of the latest round of revisions.


Online Course Creation

Video production for online course creation involves planning, recording, and editing to deliver high-quality educational material for your students. This process includes selecting an appropriate set, filming, and editing.

Effective video production for online courses requires attention to lighting, sound quality, and visual engagement to deliver your course material clearly. We’ve created training and educational videos for over 15 and have the expertise to bring your online course to life!

training videos
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