A Detroit Video Production Company

the power of an amazing story


Clearview Media specializes in video production, motion graphics, and event videography.

A Metro Detroit video production company, Clearview Media is located in Rochester Hills, just north of Detroit. We are a full-service video production agency but collaborate like an in-house production studio.


Story Development

We start by defining the purpose and objective of the video. What challenge are you facing and how will video help you solve it?


Lights, camera, action! It’s time to put the plan in motion and keep an eye out for new creative opportunities.

video editing

It’s time to pull it all together in the edit suite. We meticulously review all the video footage and bring the story to life.

video services for sales and marketing, case studies, education, and interviews.

Why Clearview Media

Our style evolved from doing event videography where we had to quickly follow the action; capturing moments while they happen. All while filming as cinematically as possible. This foundation allows us to have a small footprint, and move quickly while producing engaging videos for your audience.

We’re the perfect partner for all your, “I need a video” project needs. Whether your video involves promoting a person or product, or helping you create a training video, we have you covered. From writing, producing, casting, storyboards, 2d animation, and voiceover recording. Even if you’re not sure what type of video you want to make, we can advise you based on your budget, your audience, and the ultimate goal of your video.

“The single biggest thing a brand could do is tell a powerful story.”

Seth Godin

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